Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Special Reward!

It's a BIG challenge to make my son eat his food! He only wants to eat pancakes, Pop-Tarts, cheese quesadillas and spaghetti! This summer my goal was to make him eat a whole plate of healthy food!!!

                      I put my teacher skills in practice and designed a reward chart for him.

Every time he gets to eat all his food, he will get a Mickey Mouse and take out any villains from the chart. He needs to reach a different goal every month to get a surprise. 

           This month was a success! He reached his goal and he received a big surprise!!!

 I was so happy with my son, that I started to think how I am going to reward my students this school year. I already have a treasure box, but I wanted to do something different. I want to give them something more personal. So, I decided to make bracelets with special messages to praise them.

I think they are going to like it. I am praising them and they can take a special message home with them. :)
You can find these cute bracelets at my store in Spanish or English!

Have a great week!

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