Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Liquid to Solid Experiment

This week is all about matter! Today we discussed liquid & solids characteristics. 
We describe the shapes of different solids and classify each of them.

We use Popsicles to describe liquids characteristics and also to describe how it can change from liquid to solid.

        We put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and the students wrote their predictions.

At the end of the day they wrote their conclusion and enjoyed their Popsicle!

It was a fun day! 

I also wants to remind you about the bilingual blog hop in 3 days!!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Day Fun & a Bilingual Blog Hop!!

I love to teach my students about recycling and how they can take of our planet!! This week has been super fun! I know my students are aware of the importance of taking care of our planet! 
Here is our week in pictures!
They shared and wrote about the different ways they can take of our planet.

We put what we learned in practice with our recycling project. We used a water bottle, pebbles & paint to make a palm tree center piece!

It turned out super cute! 

We also made this cute foldable about "El dia de la Tierra"

I also want to tell you about a bilingual blog hop that will happen next week. You will get a bunch of freebies from bilingual educators that sell on TPT!!! Please make sure to follow our blogs to get recent updates for this and future events!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Classroom library

I'm linking up today with Christina (Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice) for her Wordless Wednesday linky party! Head on over to the link to see all the other photos!!
Here is our classroom library. My students try to keep it organize as much as they can. How do you manage your classroom library?

Friday, April 11, 2014


This past week was all about weather. I started the lesson discussing vocabulary words. We played a matching game to review the words we learned!

My students used pictures to describe the different types of weather.

We discussed the water cycle and how rain happens. This experiment helped students visualized the concept!

Here are the steps to "Make it Rain in the classroom":

Fill a clear jar 3/4 full with water. Add shaving cream to the top. 
Allow the shaving cream to set for a minute or two. 
Add a few drops of blue food coloring to a little bit of water.
 Using a medicine dropper, drop the blue water into the shaving cream. 
You may have to push the dropper into the shaving cream. Keep adding drops until it "rains"

After the experiment, my students were water cycle experts! ;)

We made a cute craftivity to illustrate the concepts.

We ended the week with a weather report presentation. My classroom turned into "Canal 33" and my students were the the weather man!

They were well prepared after tracking the weather for a week!

I love to see my students learn and have fun at the same time!
You can find these activities here!
I will email my cute cloud craftivity to the first 3 followers that leave a comment. Make sure you are following my TpT store for more activities and my FB page for more pics!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sun, Moon & Earth

What a great week! We learned about the Sun, Moon & Earth and it was super fun! Here are some pictures!
We started with a very cute KWL chart. My students wrote all the thing they knew about the Sun, Earth and Moon and paste it on the chart.

After we learned all about the sun they made this cute craftivity!

Facts about the Sun.

We also leaned about the Moon. My students painted the Moon and write facts about it.

We used water lids to make the Moon craters.

We finished the week making a book with facts and favorites about the moon.

Here is our KWL chart completed! One of my coworkers found the idea on Pinterest! 

You can find these activities HERE!
Have a great weekend!

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