Sunday, October 21, 2012

United States & Body Systems

Last week I was so busy at home that I didn't have a chance to share my activities with all of you. Now I am going to updated you with all the activities we worked on the last two weeks!

In Social Studies we learned about the United States. The kids learned about the flag, the pledge, the symbols of the United States, our first president and more!
Here are some pictures of their great work!

In Science we studied body systems. And it was a lot of fun! Every time we talked about a new organ you could see their faces with an amaze impression!
We started the week talking about the bones and they made this skeleton and label the bones.

Then we started the fun making their bodies! Each partner need it to create a boy or a girl and identify their organs and bones! It took the whole week, but their final product was great! They learned and had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of their "buddy bodies"

You can find these fun activities HERE

and HERE

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Healthy Food

Last week my students learned about healthy food, food groups, food pyramid and more! For this topic, you can find a lot of resources like this cute plate template in English & Spanish at

My students had a lot of fun creating their "Healthy Food Tray," making sure they included something from each food group! They love it! Here is one of their trays!
We also talked about the importance of vegetables in a healthy diet. They made this cute craft called "My veggie" and wrote a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

By Friday they were more friendly toward vegetables.
Some of them even dared to try them at home! For me that was a big success! 

This lesson not only created awareness among my students it also made me think about the kind of food that my family and I eat at home. Yikes!!! It's not always very healthy... :-(

You can find this cute activity HERE!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Everything is bigger in Texas!!!!

My students learned last week about our state TEXAS!!!! We had lots of fun studying about our state symbols: the bluebonnet, the Mockingbird, the Alamo, the capital, etc.  

If you want to teach Social Studies to 7 years old you NEED to make it FUN!!! Right? And that was exactly what my kids had the last week... lots of FUN!!!

We studied the map of Texas, locating the capital, its important cities and the surrounding states. 

We learned about Texas Symbols in a really cool way... the students decorated the clothes of cowboy they created with all the state symbols. They turned out super cute!!!
On Friday we "traveled" to Austin using a virtual tour. We visited the capitol. They loved it!!! How did I do it? Using the SenateKids website.

Later they created a book about everything they learned and their favorite things about our Lone Star State!

Have a nice week! :)

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