Monday, February 25, 2013

Fantasy & Reality Freebie!

We are learning the differences between reality and fantasy. Today we read "Arroz con frijoles...y unos amables ratones" by Pam Mu├▒oz Ryan.

After we read the story, the students created a graphic organizer and identify parts of the story that were fantasy and other parts that could have been real. 
Here it's an example of the great job they did!

They had lot of fun writing and creating their characters!

I would love to share this activity with your class. It would be great with this story or you can adjust it to your own story.

You just need to do the following:
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2. Leave a comment on my blog saying that you are following my store and your email address!

I will email this fun activity to you, but hurry you have until this Friday February 25th, 2013!

Have a great week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Very Creative Mami!!!

I was so inspired this past weekend for my baby girl 1st birthday party! Let me start telling you that I really LOVE Pinterest now! I found some many cute ideas there!!!! The party theme was Minnie Mouse and it turned out super cute!!!
Let me start with her banner.

Is it cute or what??? Love it and super easy to make! I traced Mickey's face on a card board and made the letters on the computer using a Disney's font.
For the treats bags I traced and cut out Mnnie Mouse's ears and pasted a big bow on the center. I bought pink paper bags at Walmart and used Disney fonts to made the label.

Look at the cupcakes!!

I baked chocolate cupcakes and made Minnie's face out of Oreos. For the ears I used mini Oreos and stick them with toothpicks.
Everything was beautiful, I had lots of fun making it and my baby had a wonderful birthday party!!

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