Saturday, June 29, 2013

My trip to Puerto Rico!

I just came back from our vacation trip to Puerto Rico, and we had two weeks full of family fun, great food and rain! Yes! It rained a lot over there, but it didn't stop us from having fun!
We had a road trip around the island, visited the rain forest and made sand castles on the beach, etc.  My son was amazed with all the beautiful mountains, the ocean and the cactus... yes cactus. You can find everything from rain forest to dry mountains over there! Here are some pics from our trip!
My son was very impressed with the mountains!
Salinas, Puerto Rico

I LOVE to drive on streets that are cover by trees! You can find this type of street there! It feels nice!
Rincon, Puerto Rico
Rincon, Puerto Rico

We went to the beach and my son made his sand castle!!! He was so HAPPY! Here are some pics of his castle and the beautiful beach.

Palomino Island, Fajardo

We also went to the rain forest "El Yunque". Over there we visited the waterfalls and had another view of the beautiful mountains of the island.

 We had two wonderful weeks. Now we are home and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer as a family!
I hope you are having a great summer!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

My last day!

Today was my last day of school! I made sure my students were ready for the summer, giving each of them a beach ball and a water bottle! 

But before I give you all the details about my gift for them, let me show you what we did this week.
We worked with our Memory Book and they turned out pretty cool!
Here are some of their final work:

My favorite part was my pictures! Here are some of them.

It looks like they all see me as a funny, sweet and very,very short teacher! Love it!

Here are the gifts I got for my little ones. I set them on their desk before the bell rang. They were so HAPPY this morning!!! It made my day see their faces!!! 
I got the water bottles and the beach balls at the Dollar store. I decorated the bottles with Scrap-booking stickers and made the labels for the balls. It was very simple to do and not expensive. 

And of course, I let them play with their balls to officially welcome the summer!
It was a great year and now we are all ready to have a BALL this summer! I hope you have a great summer too!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Juan Bobo... A Puerto Rican Folktale

I already have my grades done and completed all the end-of-the-year paperwork! I just have one more week and my summer will officially begins!

This last couple of days can be hard when you have 43 students ready for the summer. I tried to keep them engage as much as possible with a Puerto Rican folktale. 

My students learned a little bit about Puerto Rico and the story of the legendary "Juan Bobo". Juan Bobo is a beloved character that through his foolishness represents the Puerto Rican culture, tradition and spirit!
I read the book "Juan Bobo busca trabajo" which by the way turned out to be a perfect review of our Social Studies unit about earning and spending.

I also showed them this video I found on YouTube, and they laughed a lot!

At the end,we created our own story about Juan Bobo!

My students learned about my beautiful culture, practiced their creative writing, and had fun. It also made me realize that soon I will be traveling to my beautiful island!

You can find these activities HERE

Have a great week!
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