Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making progress!

Last week I was super busy getting my classrooms ready and helping my hubby too with his classroom. My husband teaches high school, so we have different perspectives on how to decorate a classroom!! LOL!
I want to share my hubby's classroom before and after.
 I love the way it looks now! What do you think?

OK back to my classroom progress. I have my word walls set.

I LOVE my library this year!! It looks so welcoming that I wish I could stay there the whole day!

My school theme this year is "Learning is sweet" so I got inspire and decorated my door with sweet lollipops!

I am still working with some labels and Spanish phrases, but I am almost done.

I will officially start Staff Development tomorrow, so I will try to find the time between meetings to start planning my lessons!

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Enjoy your shopping and have a happy week! 


  1. Your room is looking great! Hope your first day went well! Just wanted to share with you as well that I started a new collaborative Pinterest board called "Dual Language SuPeR Maestros" as a place for all of us to share and gather ideas. I would love it if you would check it out and/or contribute as well! I always love your creations! Here is the link:

    You can follow the directions on the board if you'd like to be a part of it! Love to have ya!

    The Second Grade Superkids


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