Sunday, April 21, 2013

Now and Then

In Social Studies, we are still learning about how science and technology have changed the way we meet our basic needs. A week ago, we emphasized on how transportation has changed. Last week, we learned about how our clothing, housing, games, chores and food have changed!

 I started the lesson showing  The First Thanksgiving Scholastic website to my students.

Then my students compared the way a kid lived in the past and the way we live today. They described and compared the clothing, housing and more. After they wrote about it, they drew a picture of them half past and half today!

Here are some of their great work!

They also wrote about how housing has changed. They compared the house from the past
 with their houses today.

Some of my students made a replica of the pilgrims houses!

It was a fun week!



  1. What an adorable idea! Where did you get the tracer for the person? I love how you had them write about it .

  2. Hi Stephanie! Thank you! I drew it. I will add this activity soon to my TPT store. :)


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