Saturday, April 13, 2013

Animal Characteristics FREEBIE!

Last week was all about animals!
We learned about animal characteristics, how their bodies help them survive, migration, hibernation and more.

I started the week talking about the different body parts and their functions. To introduce the topic, I showed them different pictures of animals. They observed, described and classified the pictures. Later my students organized their ideas in a flap book. They chose three characteristics of their animals and wrote/drew about it. Here are some of their work.

They also wrote about how animals used their bodies to survive. Students also described specific characteristics some animals have. To make it fun, I gave them a paper plate, construction paper, markers and crayons and they created their own animals. Here are some of their writing and animals creations.

The last topic of the week was camouflage and they love it! I presented a short power point presentations with pictures of different animal camouflages. They were fascinated! After we discussed and read about it, they had time to draw an animal with camouflage. They impressed me with their pictures and details. Here are some of them.

You can find these activities in English & Spanish here for FREE!

Have a great weekend!

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