Saturday, September 1, 2012

My first week was great!

My first week was great! I had several fun activities planned ahead so my kids were busy since the first day!  By Thursday, I was ready  for the long weekend to come, but I think I just need to get use to the routine again! 

I want to share all the activities my kids made this past week. We started off reading " The Teacher of the Black Lagoon". After reading this book, my students compared themselves with the boy of the story and talked about the feelings they had that first day of school. Here is the craftivity they made to describe how they were feeling on the first day of school.
You can download this craftivity HERE for free.

Also we read "Miss Nelson is Missing" and talked about rules and good behavior. My students had a lot of fun creating the mean Mrs. Swamp and writing rules for our classroom.
You can find this activity HERE

By the end of the week, we talked about safety in the Science lab. We discussed safety rules and tools. They made their first experiment by creating cool shapes like this one.
On Friday they were ready to go back to the Science lab, but not before they reviewed the safety rules and drew themselves as scientists.
                                                    You can find this cute activity HERE

Well that was a little bit about my first week. My kids had a lot of fun, but I am ready to enjoy my long weekend. I hope you have a great one too!



  1. I am so happy to find another bilingual teacher blogger AND one that is so close to me! I live in Dallas. We will have to have a blogger meet up of these days. I have added you to my blogroll over at

  2. Sounds great! I started my blog a month ago! I would love to meet more teachers to share and learn more about this world! Take Care!


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