Saturday, September 22, 2012

Healthy smiles

This week my students had lots of fun learning about dental health. 

 Our first activity was to observe how sugar can change the color of your teeth. We put an egg in a cup filled with soda for 20 minutes.
Later they were able to compare the difference between the tooth that had a lot of sugar and the one that just had water.They were very impressed with how one was way darker than the other!

                                              The solution .... BRUSH,BRUSH and BRUSH! 
 After their observations, they were able to identify all the different ways you can take care of your teeth to prevent cavities or decay (and a nasty brown color). And we did it using a very cute graphic organizer! ;)

                            We learned about flossing! The kids were able to floss after eating a bunch of peanut butter! Students used latex glove as teeth, then they flossed the peanut butter between each tooth (fingers). At the end of the lesson, most of them mastered the art of flossing! :)

We created an "apple smile" to review some vocabulary words like crown, enamel and gums. They had a lot of fun and learned all the vocabulary words in Spanish! For this activity: the apple are the lips, the caramel is the gum and the marshmallows are teeth.

By Friday, they were experts on how to take care of their teeth and how to have a healthy smile. ;)

You can find this cute writing craftivity HERE.

Now I have a class of future dentists! :)

Have a nice weekend!

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