Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer and Video Games!!

My Summer break is here and I am happy to enjoy it with my little ones!

Both of my kids love to read, play with each other and more, but sometimes my boy just want to play video games all day! Do you have that problem too?

This summer my husband and I decided he is going to earn the time he plays video games by doing different activities like reading, practice Spanish, swimming, etc.

To make it easy and fun I made these cute cards that work as coupons. Every time he completes one activity, he earns a card that give him 30 minutes of video games!

So far, it's working! He is not in front of the screen all day and he is having fun! Win! Win!

If you think your little ones would benefit from these cards too, you can download them {HERE}.

Enjoy the summer!

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