Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Summer Wish List

I am linking up with Deanna Jump to share my Summer Wish List with you!

Here is my list: 

1. Spend time with my beautiful family!

2. Have fun at Disney World without thinking about school!!!

3. Have the time and energy I need, to organize my kids' closets!!! I want them to look like this!! Wish me luck! :)

4. Decorate my little princess' room! She loves Minnie Mouse, so it will have a lot of pink for sure!

5. Redecorate my little boy's room. He loves sports, so I am planning to do something sporty!!! :)

6. Spend time just with my husband, at least a dinner without the kiddos!

7. Sleep!!!

8. Work with my backyard. I tried every single year, but I never get it done!

9. Have a SPA day!!!

10. Be able to watch a movie other than Frozen!! ;) 

I hope you have a great summer!! Link up with Mrs. Jump to share your Summer Wish list!

Have fun!

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