Sunday, September 29, 2013

I love Eric Carle!

 I introduced "Sequence of Events and Plot" to my students. I decided to use several Eric Carle's books to make the lesson fun and COLORFUL!!! I love this author and his books are perfect for my 1st graders.

We started the week reading "La oruga muy hambrienta" It was perfect because we reviewed the days of the week and sequence of events at the same time. Here are some pictures of their final work.

We also read "Oso, Oso, pardo, ¿que ves ahí?  and it was a great way to review question marks. My kiddos wrote their own "Oso pardo" book,  but sadly I forgot to take pictures. :(

We ended the week reading "Don Caballito de Mar," and  it worked perfect for a Plot activity. My students were able to identify and remember the story elements without a problem. I think that the colorful pages of the book helped my little ones stayed focus and remember every detail of the story ;).

Here are some more pictures of my students work!

 Have fun and 
Have a great weekend!

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