Monday, September 2, 2013

Cute Pencils

I posted the cute pencils I made for my bulletin board, and several of you wanted to know how to make it, so here it goes!

Yellow Construction Paper
Pink Construction Paper
Foil Paper
Manila Paper
Toilet Paper Rolls

1. Color the manila paper as the pencil tip.

 2. Paste it on the top of the toilet paper roll.

 3. Cut the edge of the yellow paper, using craft scissor to make the look of a sharpened pecil.

4. Paste the yellow paper around the roll. 

 5.Paste the pink construction paper over the yellow paper. The pink paper will be your eraser.

6.Finally you are going to paste the foil paper between the pink and yellow construction paper.

 And there you have your pencil! Easy to make and very cute to decorate your classroom!

Have a great week!


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