Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Juan Bobo... A Puerto Rican Folktale

I already have my grades done and completed all the end-of-the-year paperwork! I just have one more week and my summer will officially begins!

This last couple of days can be hard when you have 43 students ready for the summer. I tried to keep them engage as much as possible with a Puerto Rican folktale. 

My students learned a little bit about Puerto Rico and the story of the legendary "Juan Bobo". Juan Bobo is a beloved character that through his foolishness represents the Puerto Rican culture, tradition and spirit!
I read the book "Juan Bobo busca trabajo" which by the way turned out to be a perfect review of our Social Studies unit about earning and spending.

I also showed them this video I found on YouTube, and they laughed a lot!

At the end,we created our own story about Juan Bobo!

My students learned about my beautiful culture, practiced their creative writing, and had fun. It also made me realize that soon I will be traveling to my beautiful island!

You can find these activities HERE

Have a great week!

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