Sunday, March 31, 2013


We learned about Timelines a week ago. Here a some of the fun activities we did!

As an introduction of this unit, my student created a timeline about their past, present and future. They drew and wrote about when they were babies, about what are they like now and how they imagine themselves in the future.

They also created a timeline of their day. They drew and wrote about the different events in their day. Here is an example:

Timeline of the day Activity
After they mastered the meaning of a timeline, I assigned them a famous American we already studied in class. They read a biography and made a timeline of him or her.
Abigail Adam's Timeline
Thurgood Marshall's Timeline

As a final project, they brought pictures from home and created their own timeline and presented it to the rest of the class!


My students enjoyed learning about timelines and loved sharing theirs with classmates! 
You can find these fun activities HERE!


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