Sunday, January 27, 2013

We are ready for Valentine's day

We have been working on our writing skills the last couple of weeks. We practiced punctuation marks,verbs, pronouns, etc. I have always tried to add some fun to my activities. After two weeks of writing and practicing verbs, I decided to incorporate Valentine's Day to the lesson. The kids were so excited about our upcoming Valentine's party that I was sure they were going to LOVE writing about LOVE!!!

We started the lesson talking about the meaning of love for each of us. They all had something different to say from "Love is my Mom" to "love is when I  play with my XBOX"!!! 

I started the activity passing a cutout heart. The student with the heart in their hand had to say a complete sentence (including a verb of course!!) about the meaning of love.

We spent a couple of minutes talking about it. It was perfect for them to brainstorm the topic. After we were done talking as a whole group, they were ready to write about it! 

To make it fun, they made a cute heart craft at the end. It turned out pretty cute!

         You can find this Craftivity HERE!

Here you can find two activities that are perfect to practice Punctuation Marks, Types of sentences and Spanish verbs!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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