Friday, April 11, 2014


This past week was all about weather. I started the lesson discussing vocabulary words. We played a matching game to review the words we learned!

My students used pictures to describe the different types of weather.

We discussed the water cycle and how rain happens. This experiment helped students visualized the concept!

Here are the steps to "Make it Rain in the classroom":

Fill a clear jar 3/4 full with water. Add shaving cream to the top. 
Allow the shaving cream to set for a minute or two. 
Add a few drops of blue food coloring to a little bit of water.
 Using a medicine dropper, drop the blue water into the shaving cream. 
You may have to push the dropper into the shaving cream. Keep adding drops until it "rains"

After the experiment, my students were water cycle experts! ;)

We made a cute craftivity to illustrate the concepts.

We ended the week with a weather report presentation. My classroom turned into "Canal 33" and my students were the the weather man!

They were well prepared after tracking the weather for a week!

I love to see my students learn and have fun at the same time!
You can find these activities here!
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Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! I just found your page through Second Grade Superkids -- I am a second grade bilingual teacher and I love your stuff! I just pinned a couple of ideas for weather and space for next year! Can't wait to see what happens next in your classroom!

    Bitty Bilinguals

    1. Hi! Send me your email and I will share my craftivity with you. :)

  2. Hola! me encanta tu blog, te encontre a traves the Mrs.Lemons, me ecanta todo lo que encontre en tu tienda de de Tpt,,,

    1. Saludos, muchas gracias por visitar mi pagina! Te invito a seguir mi blog, mi pagina de FB y TPT para que puedas obtener mas regalitos y compartir actividades! Enviame tu correo para compartir contigo la actividad del ciclo del agua! Gracias nuevamente!

  3. Hello, I found your blog the same way as the lady above (Mrs. Lemmons). I enjoyed looking at all the amazing things you are doing with your student. I also teach 2nd grade bilingual in TX.

    1. Mrs. Glover, Thank you so much for stopping by! I invite you to follow my blog, FB page & TPT. That way you can enjoy freebies, ideas & activities! Send me your email and I would be happy to share my Water Cycle Activity with you! Thanks again! :)


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