Sunday, November 11, 2012

Famous Americans, turkeys and a present!

Teaching about famous Americans to a 7-year-old can be a challenge unless you make it fun.

My kiddos enjoyed learning about John Hancock, Thurgood Marshall, Abigail Adams, Amelia Earhart and Irma Rangel.

We started the week dividing the class in groups. Each group researched a famous person. On Tuesday, they used a graphic organizer to write important facts about that person.On Wednesday, the fun begun! 

Each group started typing their paper and started creating a figure of their famous person. On Thursday, they put one the last touches and on Friday, each group made a presentation! I was very impressed with their final work... It was great! Look at their final presentation...

Amelia Earhart

Famous Americans

We got ready for Thanksgiving and made our turkeys! I tweaked my original activity and made a graphic organizer, instead of a writing paper. I let my bilingual partners talked about how they celebrated Thanksgiving with their families. Later they completed a Venn Diagram about how their Thanksgiving are similar and different. Here you can take a look of their cute turkeys!
Now our hallways has a cute Fall decoration with our turkeys and scarecrows! 

You can find these two craftivities HERE and HERE! :)

I ended the week with a sweet surprise from one of my little friends! She made me this cute bracelet and really gave me a happy ending to my week!
I hope you had a great week too!


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